Independent Insurance Agents Needed

As an innovative financial services provider, InVida Financial Network is growing its network of insurance professionals. InVida network is a collection of well-trained, motivated insurance leaders pursuing their own insurance careers. Our leaders build their own teams, grow their own business, and earn more while maintaining flexible work schedules. InVida offers one of the most rewarding jobs in finance.

InVida Financial Network innovates financial services jobs. Innovation is found in its generous payscale and its holistic management approach of its agents and their customers. Hard-working, full-time InVida agents realistically earn over $100,000 per year. High pressure sales, expensive leads, and the pressure to earn for your upline without building a team are discouraged. InVida network will help its insurance sales agents build their ongoing success.

InVida seeks established licensed professionals and industry beginners during its nationwide insurance job expansion. InVida is willing to train individuals on how to effectively grow your customers and business. There are plenty of opportunities across the U.S. for solid business growth while building financial success.

InVida insurance positions provide the following: Flexible work schedules:

  • Full or part-time employment
  • Free four weeks of intensive sales training Customer relationship management training Ongoing mentorship from established team leaders Inexpensive lead generation
  • Reduced upline focus Multiple carrier options Multiple policy options
  • High six-figure income earning potential

About Independent Insurance Agent Jobs

An independent insurance agent is a commission based financial services job strongly supported by the InVida Financial Network. The I nVida Financial Network is an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) offering insurance products and services to insurance agents or agencies. Independent insurance agents manage their own customers and grow business with the dedicated support of the IMO.

Company Overview

The InVida Financial Network is the answer to insurance companies selling failed policies to unsuspecting families. Philip Hudgins, President and CEO of InVida Financial Network, began InVida to restore integrity, accountability, and humanity in an industry he now loves. Hudgins’ family was a victim of slick marketing and a weak policy that caused great financial harm to his family. Now an industry leader, Hudgins personally works with new and experienced agents to help protect others from financial ruin. Hudgins is actively involved in education and training. Hudgins and his InVida management team provide opportunities for its agents to earn more and live the life they desire.

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